Owning or Leasing Facts

Storage Affiliate Advertising Vans vs Independently Owned Rental Vehicles

Understanding the difference in owning/renting a storage affiliate van versus an independently owned rental vehicle can be a defining factor in the growth and execution of your business.

Leasing or Owning your Own Van Creates Great Risk for your main business

YOU are fully exposed to any liability claims from your customers’ accidents.

YOU are fully responsible for any repairs.

YOU are fully responsible for any maintenance on the truck.

YOU are fully responsible for any breakdowns or impounds of the rented vehicle.

With a Storage Affiliate Advertising Van

U-Haul assumes the liability in the event of an accident.

U-Haul assumes the repair costs.

U-Haul assumes the maintenance costs.

U-Haul handles the breakdowns and impound fees.

U-Haul does not hold you accountable for the rental income in the truck is out of service.

Just the Facts…


If you own or lease your own truck, one accident can place your business in jeopardy by exposing you to millions in lawsuit costs. A Storage Affiliate Advertising Van is a rental truck backed by U-Haul who assumes the liability exposure.

Repair Costs

Rental vehicles typically are not driven by their customers like they would their own car, and some don’t have the experience of driving anything larger than their own car. This results in repair, maintenance, and towing costs in the thousands, which you as the owner are responsible for. A Storage Affiliate Advertising Van is a rental truck backed by U-Haul who assumes all repair and maintenance costs.

Roadside Assistance

If you own your own truck, that customer will call you to resolve the breakdown and work on getting some help out to them. With a Storage Affiliate Advertising Van, U-Haul staffs a 24/7 call center to handle Roadside Assistance at no charge to you.

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